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Ft. Osage Muzzzleloaders, Inc. (FOML) is a charter member of the
National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA)

Or Range is located at:  1637 NW 550th Rd; Kingsville, MO

GPS Location:  38°51'15.6"N 94°02'43.1"W


About our club:
We are black powder muzzle loading and air rifle target shooting only club. 
No breech loading, cartridge or smokeless firearms may be fired on club property.

Our club is open the public during scheduled events.  Only members will have access the range the rest of the time. 
We are located East of Kansas City, MO, at our physical address of 1637 NW 550th Rd, Kingsville, MO. Please feel free to ask questions or stop by and visit us during an event. We want everyone to feel welcome and part of our family.

Membership is not required to participate in any of the club events. However, membership is required to access the range any other time. Membership Application, Club and Range Rules. NMLRA Rules.

FOML has monthly paper matches on the second Sunday of each month for rifle (offhand and bench), pistol & revolver. We have a 25-, 50- & 100-yard covered paper range and our primitive steel range is across the creek in the woods.  During the winter months of December & January, we shoot steel targets.  There is a novelty shoot and trade fair the fourth Saturday from March thru October.  We shoot on New Year's Day, eat chili and try to stay warm.  We have been hosting the Missouri NMLRA Territorial Championships (excluding Shotgun) the weekend of the second Sunday.  Please note: Check our calendar or schedule for the date. During the month of June, we host the Missouri State Black-Powder Rifle and Pistol Shoot.  For several years now, we have had a special three-day, bench-only shoot in the summer and recently added regular table shoot matches.  In October, the club has an Indian Summer Shoot which is the third of our three-day shoots.  FOML is also affiliated with the Missouri Offhand Association – A statewide, year-long, record keeping organization that records and ranks shooters in different classification categories.

The continued improvements at the range include reconstructing our berms after suffering great damage in March 2013 along with our covered firing line structure & loading benches from heavy snow and wind. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers over several weekends of cleaning up the damage, insurance, a loan and a local contractor, we were able to rebuild better than before in time for the NMLRA Territorial Championships in May.  Our new and improved facility should last for many years as a place for friends and family to gather and promote early American history.

The club hosts many events throughout the year. Check the events page for more information. On the News page you will find copies of the club’s newsletters and photos of past events.

Ft. Osage Muzzleloaders Inc., is a non-profit corporation organized under the “General Not for Profit Corporation Act of the State of Missouri” for the purpose of promoting the history and shooting of black powder, muzzle loading firearms. The following non-exclusive list of objectives will guide the corporation’s efforts to achieve this goal.

1. Teaching the fundamentals of firearm safety to all members, their families and their guests.

2. Preserving that part of our early American heritage, which was based on honesty, loyalty, good sportsmanship and good fellowship.

3. Educating the general public on the history related to the time period represented by the use of black powder firearms.

4. Creating and spreading enthusiasm regarding the type of firearms, specifically flintlock and percussion lock, with which our forefathers fought for and built this nation.

5. Promoting the safe and effective use of said firearms in the fields of target shooting and hunting.

Club History

Back in the early 1960’s, a small group of friends started a black powder muzzle loading club.  One of the main founding members was Ray Miller.  He moved his family to Kingsville, MO, upon buying the land that is now the club’s range. A lot of hard work went in to putting together the club and range.  In October 1963, the club hosted its first Indian Summer Shoot.  In July of 1964, Ft. Osage Muzzle Loaders, Inc. was registered with the state of Missouri.  In October 2014, the club celebrated a milestone by hosting its 50th Annual Indian Summer three-day shoot.

In the golden age of Ft Osage Muzzleloaders, during the 1970's & 1980's, it was not uncommon to see 100 shooters on the line and more waiting for a position on the line to open.  Our numbers are down, like many muzzle loading clubs; however, like many clubs we have a great group of folks who make up our shooting 'family.'  Several of our club members have participated and are currently active participants nationally at Friendship, IN, and The Western National Shoot in Phoenix, AZ. We currently have over 100 members.

Sadly, in October 2012, we lost one of our valued founding members, Raymond L. Miller. After his passing, the club voted to name the range in remembrance and in honor of him.  Many of the club members we have lost over the years are honored on the Last Relay page.

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