Missouri Off Hand Association

2020 Schedule

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread the member clubs have Postponed the:
Holden - 2020 State Team Championship Black Powder Shoot
FOML -The 2020 Missouri NMLRA Territorial Rifle and Pistol Championships
Hermitage 2020 Pomme de Terre Rendezvous Postponed / Cancelled?

These events have been postponed to date later in the year that will decided once everything settles down.  Keep posted to Facebook, your Email.  We will be watching the situation and announcing changes as quickly as we can.

Thank you, stay calm and safe Wash your hands often!

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2020 Schedule:
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   - California
   - Chamois
   - Dover
   - Ft. Osage @ Elm
   - Hermitage
   - Holden
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   - Show-Me State Games @ FOML

Missouri Offhand Information:
Entry fee is $10.00 per year; No fee for Junior Shooters Club / Event fees not included.
Adult shooters must participate in 7 shoots to qualify for a medallion; juniors need to only 5.  Trade Gun is also 5.

Rifle Divisions:

Men & Women

Age 16 at the start of the season to 60 at the end of the season

Senior Men & Women

Age 60 and older before the end of the season

Super Senior Men

Age 70 or older before the end of season

Junior Class A

Age 12 up to 16 years old at the start season

Junior Class B

Under age of 12 years old at the start season

R   Any open metallic sight, no adjustment during matches patched round ball muzzleloaders
Only shooters first score counts.  No re-entry scores.
Shooters are responsible for turning in their score cards to the designated person.
Winners of each division will be determined by averaging their best 7 (5 for Juniors) percentages.
First place plaques and all medallions will be awarded at California at the end of the season
Official Scorekeeper for the Missouri Offhand is Richard Dale (816) 517-9191
We highly encourage wearing period clothing (pre 1840) while shooting.
R Trade Gun MOHA Rules

Round Ball and or Shot only as per match rules

Flintlock Only

No set triggers

28 ga (54 Caliber) Minimum

No rear sight above the plane of the barrel

Open division

participation in 5 matches for the season

Entry fee for trade gun is also $10.00 for the year.


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