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California, MO California Shooter's Club Carl Meisenheimer
(573) 796-4750
Chamois, MO Coyote Ridge Long Hunters Jim Heath
(573) 469-8423
Dover, MO Little Tabo Creek Muzzleloaders Ron Yager
(816) 419-5877
Elm, MO Ft. Osage Muzzleloaders Carl Donze
(660) 563-1295
Hermitage, MO Pomme de Terre Rendezvous Rod Gates
(417) 998-6535
Holden, MO Strother Freetrappers Club Les Whiteside
Huntsville, MO Pine Ridge Muzzleloaders Mike Pierce
(660) 651-1784
Nevada, MO Missouri Osage Territory Muzzleloaders Dusty Stong
(417) 684-2567
New Florence, MO Boone's Lick Muzzleloaders Mike Anderson
(573) 644-3370
Pacific, MO Gemmer Muzzleloading Gun Club (GMLGC) Bob Vogt
(314) 581-6529
Call or Email

Please note that most all these clubs are privet membership clubs.  Please follow each clubs rules, be polite and respectful.  If you can and want to help -
Ask, it takes a lot of work to host a match:  All the setup and maintenance beforehand, registration, score keeping and organization during the event.
We have a great group of members in this organization and Thank You to all the MOHA members that have helped out at other clubs thoughout the years!
Only by working together can we keep this organization alive!  Thank you to all the clubs hosting events!

If you have a muzzle loading club or event in Missouri and you would like to host a Missouri Off Hand Event - Let us know - Please contact us!

The Numbers above in red are the number of events each club is hosting this year.  This year there are 19 MOA Rifle Matches ~14 or 15 Trade Gun Events.

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California Shooters Club
32891 Shooters Club Rd, California, MO 65018
Carl Meisenheimer
Phone:  (573) 796-4750
GPS:  Driving (nearest road) See the Range
  3835'44.4"N 9229'22.7"W 3835'39.9"N 9228'51.6"W
  38.595658, -92.489651 38.594404, -92.481004
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Club's Media:

Rifle, Trade Gun, Pistol and Shotgun Trap & Skeet Matches

The California Shooters Club is located approximately 5 miles east of California, Missouri the county seat of Moniteau County. The Indian translation for Moniteau County means the "Country of the Great Spirit" or more literally translated "God's Country". 
This County lies in the exact center of the State; it's shape resembles a check mark.

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Traveling east on Highway 50 from California, turn right on Shooters Club Road
(1st gravel road after passing Route K) to get to the Shooters Club. 
If you are traveling west on Highway 50 from Jefferson City, turn left on Shooters Club Road.

The California Shooters Club has their annual black powder shoot in August.  The clubs black powder muzzleloader range is mostly steel gongs hung in the woods.  Pistol and Junior Shooters may have a paper target with their list of steel targets.  Trade Gun adds thrown birds to that match.  The club has in the past hosted a side rifle match "Long Range Silhouettes" going out to 200 yards.  The shotgun fields are on a trap and skeet overlay field.  Typically trap is shot on Friday nights, skeet on Saturday and Sunday.  Folks are shooting both black powder muzzleloaders and black powder cartridge.  However, if all you have is modern shotgun and shells - you can most often buy rounds to shoot for practice.

Camping is available on site.  Call ahead with any questions.

California also hosts the Annual Awards Dinner and Planning meeting at the end of each season.  Lunch "Awards Dinner" is a pot luck meal.  Following the meal the yearly awards are handed out and a planning meeting for the following year follows.

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Coyote Ridge Long Hunters
County Route 318; Chamois, MO 65024

Jim Heath
Phone:  (573) 469-
GPS:  Driving (nearest road) See the Range
  3836'22.9"N 9146'14.2"W 3836'25.5"N 9146'13.3"W
  38.606361, -91.770611 38.607073, -91.770360
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Rifle, Trade Gun, Pistol

The Coyote Ridge Long Hunters located in the center of Missouri is a black powder muzzle loading club.  They typically host there MOHA Shoot in June.  However, this club may have other events throughout the year.  Contact them for more information.  In addition to the novelty and steel rifle match they may host other side matches for Trade Gun and / or Pistol.  They have in the past hosted a Saturday Night pot luck dinner that is very nice.

This is nice club with great people!  If your looking for a challenging match to test yourself - this is it! 

Once you turn down county road 318 watch very close for the turn off into the range it could be easy to miss if your not watching for it.

Limited camping is available on site.   Call ahead with any questions.  (No power / No water)

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Insurance though Member of "Southeastern Colorado Council of Buckskinners"

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Dover:  Little Tabo Creek Muzzleloaders
17430 Cottonwood Rd; Higginsville, MO 64037
Ron Yager (816) 419-5877
Clayton Wilson - (816) 278-7884
GPS:  *Driving (nearest road) See the Range
  3909'34.8"N 9340'32.8"W 3909'40.8"N 9340'15.6"W
  39.159659, -93.675765 39.161325, -93.670993
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Club's Media:
Rifle, Trade Gun, Pistol & Shotgun:  Watch facebook for flyers to each event...

This small clubs host several events each year - They are kicking off each year with a trade fair and side matches at the end January.  They are hosting several MOHA matches though the year.  Not all side match / events will be available at each of their dates.  However, if listed on the MOHA schedule Rifle & Trade Gun will at a minimum be available.  For example later in the year when the club hosts the black black powder shotgun blowout - this event will not include many of the rifle & pistol side matches.  At least one or two events replaces the Lexington - Big Muddy Event that replaced the Bagnell Damn Event.

All the Rifle and Pistol matches are shot at steel gongs.  There may be up to as many as four rifle events - The standard 21 shot MOHA match, long range silhouettes (including the "Big-Foot" target at 200 yards), squirrel rifle (40 Cal and under) silhouettes and a "shooters challenge" side match.  The shooters challenge side match is 12" round gongs at 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 & 200 yards.  Each shooter will shoot them in order closest to longest and back to closest until they miss.  Standard steel gong and thrown clay bird MOHA trade gun matches.  At certain matches steel gong pistol matches.  Plus a modified version of 5 stand for shotgun - black powder muzzle loading, black powder cartridge and modern shotgun.

The club has club house (shop) A/C in the summer - Heated when it is cold.  They will have Saturday Night pot luck dinner.
This is a very new young club - watch and follow their facebook page for current updates!

Camping is available onsite.  Call ahead with any questions. (No power / No water)

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Club events are covered / co-sponsored by Ft. Osage Muzzleloaders Inc.

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Elm:  Ft. Osage Muzzleloaders (FOML)
1637 NW 550th Road; Kingsville, MO
Carl Donze (660) 563-1295
Park A. Wood
GPS:  Driving (nearest road) See the Range
  3851'15.6"N 9402'43.1"W 3851'15.6"N 9402'43.1"W
  38.854332, -94.045297 38.854332, -94.045297
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Club's Media

Rifle, Trade Gun & Pistol

Ft. Osage Muzzleloaders (FOML) was started back in the early 1960's.  The club is located about 22 miles east of Kansas City, MO off highway 50.  We are just south of Powell Gardens.  We have two ranges on our property.  We have a covered firing line paper range with target frames at 25, 50 and 100 yards with some variable distance target stands and a primitive steel gong and novelty range.  Our club has several events each month year round.  All our club matches are the second Sunday each month.  Several months of the year our club hosts special 4-day events (MO Rifle & Pistol NMLRA Territorial, State Shoot & Indian Summer).  These spcial 4-day events we also host MOHA matches on the primitive steel gong range for both Rifle and Trade Gun, except the NMLRA Territorial which is rifle only - no trade gun.  There are many other matches at these events - See the flyers.  In July we host the Missouri Off Hand "Free" Weekend in conjunction with 3-day Novelty side matches.  We are currently also, hosting the Missouri Show-Me State Games Matches also, in July.  These matches are all paper matches.

Club will typically offer concessions at all the 3-day and 4-day events.  We'll also typically have a potluck dinner Saturday night on the 4-day events.  Contact Carl Donze about our annual raffle - Some great prizes are drawn for at the Saturday Night Dinner during the October, Indian Summer Event. 

Both modern and primitive camping is available onsite.  Call ahead with any questions. (Limited power / No water)

We are a black powder muzzle loader & air rifle club only - No smokeless powder, No cartridge, patched round ball only - unless rules state otherwise. 

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Our Paper Range

Our Primitive Steel Range

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Hermitage:  Pomme de Terre Rendezvous
County Road 218; Hermitage, MO 65668

For Primitive Camping contact Ed Wilde (417) 733-5643
For Black Powder Shoot contact Rod Gates (417) 998-6535

GPS:  Driving (nearest road) See the Rendezvous / Range:
  3836'22.9"N 9146'14.2"W Rendezvous:  3754'13.8"N 9320'02.8"W
  38.606361, -91.770611 Shooting Range:  3754'13.8"N 9320'02.8"W
  Click here for the link  

Check out the Facebook page for current updates

Rifle, Tradegun, Pistol & Shotgun:

Just south of Hermitage, North of the Pomme de Terre Lake damn in early May is one of the bigger (maybe the biggest) Rendezvous in Missouri each year.  See their posted flyers for more information.  Traditionally this event has a large number of primitive camps and traders / vendors.  There are typically a number of seminars, demonstrations and many other events.

Just in case you are curios what "Pomme de Terre" means, it is a French for "Potato, or literally ground apple". 

The MOHA Events are typically steel gongs for Rifle and Trade Gun.  Paper and some steel for Pistol and thrown clay birds for the Trade Gun and Shotgun events.

Camping is available onsite.  See facebook flyers for more information.

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At the firing line

A small snapshot of part of the primitive camp / "traders row".  Check out their facebook page for many more photos.

Insurance though Member of "Southeastern Colorado Council of Buckskinners"

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Strother Freetrappers Club - Holden, MO

1390 SW 200th Rd; Holden, MO 64040

Les Whiteside - Phone:  (816) 392-0928
Park A. Wood

GPS:  Driving (nearest road) See the Range
  3844'27.2"N 9400'40.8"W 3844'21.6"N 9400'39.8"W
  38.740894, -94.011321 38.739331, -94.011061
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Club's Media



Rifle, Tradegun & Pistol

The Strother Freetrappers Club was started back in 1988.  We are smaller black powder muzzle loading club just north of Holden, MO.  Each year we host two Missouri Off Hand Events.  The first event of the year the weekend on the first Sunday of April and the weekend of the first Sunday of October. 

In April the event we host is the Missouri State Team Blackpowder Muzzleloader Rifle, Pistol and Trade Gun.  5 person Rifle teams each shooting (4) Match targets at 23, 48 and 85 yards.  Pistol and Trade Gun are 3 person teams each shooting (2) match targets at 23 & 48 yards.  Trade Gun may also have thrown birds.  We also, have cash payback steel gong side matches.
MOHA shooters do not have to be on a team to compete.  Not a problem!

In the fall at the annual Rendezvous all the events are steel gongs, except for the trade gun thrown birds.

the rest of the year we have a club match the first Sunday of the month, except November and February.  (November it is Saturday, due to the MOHA awards dinner and planning meeting falling on the first Sunday of November & February we hold our annual planning meeting)

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Camping is available onsite.  Call ahead with any questions. (No power / No water)

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Huntsville, MO: Pine Ridge  Muzzleloaders
County Road 140; Clifton Hill, MO 65244
Contact:  Mike Pierce
(660) 651-1784
GPS:  Driving (nearest road) See the Range
  3924'50.8"N 9239'03.9"W 3924'51.3"N 9239'05.3"W
  39.414115, -92.651072 39.414227, -92.651474
  Click here for the link Click here for the link
Lot of great content and information posted on their page.
They are also on MeWe, if you don't do facebook

Rifle and Tradegun

Pine Ridge Muzzleloaders is very nice club just southwest of Huntsville, MO.  They have a very nice club and range.  This is great club to if you are looking for primitive camping and shooting.  They are dedicated to the History.  Primitive dress and equipment is very much appreciated, but not required.  If you have questions feel free to ask.  Make your very best attempt. 

They host two events each year.  In the spring they host the annual Heart of America Smoothbore Championship!  They have rifle side matches at this event for the Missouri Off Hand Association & obviously the Trade Gun can be shot in the smoothbore match.  This event has thrown birds for the smoothbore match.

Then later in the year in October they host their Annual Fall Rendezvous and Shoot.  All the rifle targets are steel gongs and their smoothbore match is both steel gongs and paper.  No thrown birds in the fall smoothbore match.  At both events their may well be a squirrel (0.40 Cal and under) side match.

Camping is available onsite.  Call ahead with any questions. (No power / No water)

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On the line...

Part of the Primitive Camp...  Check out their media WeMe or Facebook - Great Content!
Updated Often!

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Missouri Osage Territory Muzzleloaders - Nevada, MO
Missouri Osage Territory Muzzleloaders
Co-sponsored by:  Elks Lodge 564 P.P.O.E
Elks Lake Lodge, Nevada, MO
1575 Rd, Nevada, MO 64772


Dusty Stong - Phone: (417) 684-2567


GPS:  Driving (nearest road) See the Range
  3756'41.6"N 9420'43.4"W 3756'53.4"N 9420'46.8"W
  37.944900, -94.345395 37.948167, -94.346344
  Click here for the link Click here for the link

Rifle, Tradegun, Pistol & Shotgun

The Missouri Osage Territory Muzzleloaders is a smaller blackpowder muzzleloading club from Nevada, Southwest Missouri.  They host their annual Rendezvous later in the year.  A few years ago they moved the location of their event to the Elks Lake Lodge north of Nevada.  This is great site for their event.  There is plenty of room for camping and the range is setup very nice.

Steel gong rifle match, Pistol and Trade Gun is a combination of steel and paper.  Trade Gun also may have thrown birds as part of that match.  The site has a trap house for shotgun side matches.

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Insurance though Member of "Southeastern Colorado Council of Buckskinners"

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Boone's Lick Muzzleloaders - New Florence, MO
86 Picnic Rd; New Florence, MO 63363
Mike Anderson - Phone: (573) 644-3370
GPS:  Driving (nearest road) See the Range
  3854'47.3"N 9127'58.0"W 3854'49.4"N 9127'57.0"W
  38.913135, -91.466118 38.913717, -91.465822
  Click here for the link Click here for the link
Watch, Pine Ridge / Huntsville's Media pages for flyers.
We'll also, try and share them on the MOHA page.
Rifle, Tradegun & Pistol

Boone's Lick Muzzleloaders has a unique event from MOHA members at their annual Rendezvous and Shoot.  They have two rifle matches Paper (at 25 & 50 yards) and Novelty / Steel Gongs matches.  Each counts for a MOHA score - You can shoot two Rifle events in the same weekend or day and get two MOHA scores for the year that count for the year.  They also have pistol and Smoothbore side matches.  Pistol is steel and paper at 25 yards.  The Trade Gun (Smoothbore) is steel and thrown birds. 

This club may have events throughout the year.  i.e. Monthly Club Matches.  Contact them for more details.

Camping is available onsite.  Nice area for Primitive Camping.  Space for RV's. 
Call ahead with any questions. (No power / No water)

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Club house and firing line in the background

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Gemmer Muzzleloading Gun Club - Pacific, MO
Bob Vogt
Phone:  (314) 581-6529
Club's Media:  Website:  https://www.gemmermuzzleloadingclub.com
Plus much more - see their website!
Rifle, Maybe Trade Gun?

Gemmer Muzzleloading Gun Club near Pacific, MO, just outside of St. Louis, MO is a very active club.  Monthly events and extremely good, updated website and many social media feeds!  Gemmer is the newest club to join the Missouri Off Hand Association. 

Their Match they are hosting for the MOHA (One of their regular Club Matches) will be Sunday August 7th, 2022 at 10:00AM - "Bottle" Match - The target will be the NMLRA Bottle Target.  MOHA will shoot two targets at 35 yards off hand 12 shots each, for a total of 24 shots.  Cost is $10 - Awards for Gemmer Members Only.  MOHA members for score only.  There are side matches for Pistol and Smoothbore. 

Gemmer working with the NMLRA is hosting The Hawken Classic - The 200th Anniversary of the Hawken Rifle April 29 - May 1, 2022 at the Historic Daniel Boone Home, St. Charles County:  1868 Highway F, Defiance, Missouri 63341.  Note:  This is not a MOHA match and this is not the address for this clubs range.

GMLGC is a charter member of the NMLRA, and operates in accordance with the mission of the NMLRA.

Call ahead with any questions

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