Strother Freetrappers Club - Range is located at:
1390 SW 200th Rd, Holden, MO 64040

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We encourage and advance organized shooting of muzzle loading firearms, to promote higher standards of sportsmanship, safety, good fellowship among those who participate in such sport and to promote understanding of our heritage though historical interpretations.

We are a Black Powder shooting club in the center of western Missouri. We have a primitive shooting range with camping for modern and primitive (living history) campers. Please read our welcome letter for more details on our club and its membership

Our club holds the Missouri State Team Championship Shoot each spring, the first weekend in April.  The rifle teams are five person teams shooting paper at 25, 48, & 85 yards.  Each of the five member shoots four matches and each team members aggregate score is added together for the team score.  The Paper matches also count for the Missouri Offhand Score.  There are also championships for three person pistol and shotgun teams.  In addition to the team events there are also, individual matches with novelty steel for rifle, pistol and trade gun.  No need to worry about not having a team, we have many shooters come out and teams are put together as needed.  The Team Rifle (Paper) Event is the first Missouri Off Hand Association (MOHA) match of the year.  MOHA is a state wide year long tracking of black powder scores.
Missouri State Team Championship Black Powder Shoot & Rendezvous
 - April 1 - 3, 20

The Club holds regular monthly matches except for February when we have our annual general membership planning meeting and trade fair.  January, March, May, June, July, August, September, November and December the regular monthly club match is at the range on the first Sunday of the month and the shoot starts and 12  noon.  Preceded by a club meeting & meal at 11:00 am.  Exceptions include the 3 day shoots in April and October.  Each month a club member volunteers to run that monthly shoot.  The shoots are typically themed and are preceded by a 11am meal.  All club events are open to the public, we encourage and welcome visitors to drop by and either watch or participate with us.  Most all of the time the monthly match is a rifle shoot although, we have at times had contests with shotguns, pistols, trade gun, tomahawk & knives and even primitive archery.

New for 2022 - Monthly Club Match Agg Awards
 - March - December

In the fall the first Sunday of October we have our annual three day Fall Rendezvous. 
2022 Fall Rendezvous and Black Powder Shoot
 - September 30 - October 2, 2022
We have novelty steel rifle, pistol, and trade gun matches as well as sporting clay black powder breach & muzzleloader shot gun matches.

Rendezvous a French word roughly meaning meeting or gathering was used in the fur trade era from 1825 to 1840.  The Rocky Mountain Rendezvous were annual encampments held in close proximity to the trapping grounds of the trappers.  The trappers �mountain men� were harvesting fur, mostly beaver pelts and traders used the rendezvous to meet with the trappers to buy the fur & sell the trappers the supplies for a another year of trapping.  For the mountain men it was more than just business, this was an opportunity to see friends and have some fun.  In much the same spirit we now gather at Rendezvous at different clubs to see old friends and have fun.

Please see our 2022 calendar for a listing of all the clubs activities and dates.

We do not allow modern weapons of any kind at the club including in-line or modern rifles.  Many people in the club make their own rifles, clothes, tents and everyday items that a mountain man, primitive hunter, plainsman or pioneer would have needed.  We prepare meals, build shelter and live everyday life like our ancestors would have lived, and in other words, we are really re-living history.

This makes for a very interesting hobby as well as a study in self sufficiency.  Our rifle shooters are able to make any shot just as accurately as a modern day shooter with the only limitation being the longer range of modern powders.  We invite you to please take a membership application.

We have a wonderful small acreage just outside the city that allows us to shoot our guns without disturbing the neighbors.  There are several forms of wildlife on the property including deer, turkey and squirrels, but hunting on club ground is prohibited.  There is a beautiful stream that runs right through the property and enjoy the many creatures that call it home.  Members can individually enjoy camping and use the range any time they want.  There are no modern facilities such as power, water or restrooms on the club grounds, as a testament to the old ways.  
See the Club Page for a map and directions to the range.

The club is totally a family experience.  We have shooting competitions during spring and fall rendezvous where men, women and juniors shoot in their own respective divisions, although any women or junior shooter can be the best shots in the club.

Strother is one of many such clubs in Missouri and all over the country that engage in this type of experience. We are a charter club of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA).  Our club also participates in the Missouri Offhand Association (MOHA) the annual Missouri State aggregate shooting competition.


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