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Welcome Friend,
We are a family orientated club interested in shooting traditional black powder firearms and in preserving the history of the pre-1840 fur trade era. Members have access to our range for their use, may participate in our club shoots and events and camp in our primitive or modern areas.

Members receive a monthly newsletter that includes upcoming scheduled events, reports from the monthly shoots and other interesting historical information.

We are dedicated to spreading our sport and including new people in traditional black powder shooting and historical reenacting sometimes referred to as “buckskinning”. We do this by spreading the word about our club and by sponsoring and helping out with activities for Boy Scouts and other youth groups. It is only by sharing what we know and enjoy that our sport and history will survive.

The objective of the club shall be to encourage and advance organized shooting of muzzle loading firearms, to promote higher standards of sportsmanship, safety, good fellowship among those who participate in such sport and to promote understanding of our heritage though historical interpretations.

Type of membership -
Strother Freetrappers is a family oriented organization, therefore, when and individual joins this organization, the members of their immediate family are also members and are subject to the rules and regulations of said organization.
Admission to Membership - Any individual may become a member of this corporation upon completion of an application form, payment of dues, and approval of the Board of Directors.

Our Membership Application

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In order to make our club safe and enjoyable for all concerned, we have to have some rules.

Club Rules:
No alcohol is allowed on the range side of the bridge.
No loaded weapons in camp.
We provide benches for loading but do not prime or cap until you are at the line ready to shoot.

Strother Freetrappers Range Rules
All members and guests are required to adhere to the following range rules at all times.

  1. No intoxicating beverages or intoxicated personal are allowed in the shooting area.
  2. No smoking in shooting areas.
  3. Decisions of the Range Officers are Final.
  4. All Non-serviceable malfunctions should be reported to the Range Officer.
  5. Firearms must be carried with muzzle up and do not cap or prime until facing target at the firing line with muzzle pointed down range at a backstop in a safe direction.
  6. No night shooting allowed.
  7. No spectators in shooting area.
  8. No firing from loading benches.
  9. A guest must be accompanied by a member in good standing when at the range outside of club scheduled event. The member is responsible for the actions of the guest.
  10. Children must have adult supervision.
  11. Black powder firearms only. Lead Round Ball Only. No In-Lines rifles (Pistols OK).
  12. Police your area after shooting and camping.
  13. Loaded firearms must remain at the firing line Pointed down range in a safe direction.
  14. Be Safe and Have Fun.

Additional rules are posted at the range.

We love our children and yours, for their safety you are responsible for their supervision at our facility. Please keep them safe and show them a good example of how to be safe.
Keep safety in mind at all times, one accident will hurt us all.

Camping Rules and Info:
Members of the club and guests may camp for free in our modern or primitive areas. We do not have electrical or water facilities and we have a very limited supply of wood, so please bring your own. Please take your trash with you, as there is no trash service.

In the primitive area, we require that all tents be of suitable pre-1840 white canvas style. Non-period items should be kept inside your tent or covered. And we request that pre-1840 attire be worn by those camping in the primitive area. We are fairly lenient in this, as we are trying to encourage beginners. We only request that everyone make an honest effort to have a good historical experience.

Vehicles are allowed in the primitive area only for loading and unloading, they should then be parked in the modern area.
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Map and Directions to Our Range
The Strother Freetrappers Club Range is located just North West of Holden MO (South East of the Kansas City, MO Metro Area).

From Holden go North on MO State Highway 131 (about 1.5 miles) (There is a large propane distribution tank on the southwest corner of the intersection) and turn left (West) on SW 200th RD head east about (1 mile) look for a wooden sign on the left (South) side of the road and turn into that driveway. Our range is behind the house and down the hill about a 100 yards, you will see the parking area.

From US Highway 50 turn South at MO State Highway 131 at Pittsville, MO and travel south for about (7.5 miles) then turn right (West) on SW 200th RD head east about (1 mile)

The sign to look for on the South side of SW 200th RD.

For Google Maps click here:  1390 SW 200th Rd, Holden, MO 64040

For Bing Maps:

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Strother Freetrappers Club Contacts:
(Please, feel free to contact us)
Les Whiteside

506 W ASH ST
ARCHIE, MO 64725-9569
(816) 392-0928
Vise President:
Mary Dale

Napoleon, MO

Carl Donze

PO BOX 277
Knob Noster, MO 65336-0277
(660) 563-1295
Secretary, Media & Website Contact
Park A. Wood

Raytown, MO
(816) 698-9149
Board Member: (July 2019)
Stan Adkins

Lone Jack, MO
(816) 697-3257
Board Member: (July 2017)
Clayton Wilson

Board Member: (July 2020)
Nick Bordner
Pleasant Hill, MO
(816) 985-8022
Board Member: (July 2020)
Terry Williamson

Lee's Summit, MO
(816) 524-7326
Bob Boone

Greg Lesko

Welcome Rules Maps Contact Us Events Calendar
Strother Freetrappers Club Events:
*Club Shoots at the Rang 1st Sunday of Month.  Unless it's different on the Calendar.
We are having club meetings at 11am, sharing any food we bring.  Match starts at Noon.

Currently only the November match will be on the Saturday before the first Sunday, due to the
MOHA Annual Meeting & Awards being held on the first Saturday.

Our other special matches:
See the Home Page

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Strother Freetrappers Club Calendar - Download pdf file

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